Sustainable Elements


We aim to incorporate sustainable practices in every project, even if we’re not striving for specific “green” certifications.

As a recognized leader in the field of “Green Architecture” (largely due to our long standing relationship with the National Arbor Day Foundation), APMA takes a common sense approach to designing energy efficient and economical buildings.  Our projects have received national recognition for their advanced use of energy conserving design features and have also received EnergyStar and LEED certifications.  While not all of the buildings we work on actively seek LEED Certification, we still aim to incorporate sustainable design solutions that conserve energy and natural resources. This icon represents examples of our work in environmentally conscious design.

Historic Preservation


Well-known for our extensive historic renovation experience, we believe in the economic, educational, social and cultural significance inherent to the preservation of historic structures.

With more than 130 historic building projects under our belt, APMA’s designers balance the preservation of unique characteristics with the modern needs of current users.  Our work has resulted in more than 40 buildings and districts receiving recognition on the National Register of Historic Places. We have team members specially trained for historic projects, including five historical architects, one historic preservation planner and one Iowa TAN (Technical Advisory Network) Advisor. This icon represents our work in the area of historic renovation and adaptive reuse.